Fonfara vs Cleverly HIGHLIGHTS: Oct. 16, 2015 – PBC on Spike


History was made when Andrzej Fonfara met Nathan Cleverly in a record setting, Fight of the Year candidate bout on Friday, October 16th on PBC on Spike.

Fonfara and Cleverly went to war for 12 rounds in what quickly became fight favorite. There was non-stop action between the two, as each fighter landed combinations with assignation like accuracy. Roughly 63% of the punches landed throughout the fight were to the head of their opponent.

The fight also broke records, with 936 combined punches landed, 2,524 thrown and 705 power punches connecting with their opponent.
History was made on PBC on Spike‬, breaking records from CompuBox’s 30 years of record keeping.

At the end, the Polish Prince walked away with a victory in a fight that will highly be touted as one for the books.

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