The Fastest Knockouts in Boxing History!


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Boxing is the martial art that can rightly be called art, and boxing today is also the finest verified calculation. As with minimal damage to get maximum results, boxers have become more cautious. The era of the blockheads is passing. Athletes do not want to risk once again. The successes of Floyd Mayweather testify loudly to this. But today we have an old school of boxing, tough knockouts, the era of the 80s and 90s, which knows a lot of high-profile ups and broken fates because of the health left in the ring. The eggs of the boxers of that era are so iron that even the 12.7 caliber is unable to penetrate such armor and the fastest knockouts fell on this era. When no one was cautious and sometimes went out on the channels almost every month, he risked and showed incredible fights…

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