“Gentleman” Jim Corbett


Highlights of a boxing champion from the 1890’s!

James J Corbett was the first person to win the Heavyweight title under the Marquees of Queensberry rules, when he defeated John L Sullivan in 1892 in the 21st round. He was known for his footwork, speed, timing and defense.

In this video, you can see HD stabilized clips from the Bob Fitzsimmons fight, and the Peter Courtney exhibition.

The Courtney footage was filmed in Thomas Edisons studio, and is one of the oldest pieces of film in history. Corbett is more or less playing with a much less experienced fighter. The Fitzsimmons match was a real championship bout, and lets you see the real Corbett in action.

First round of Corbett-Fitzsimmons footage from Steve Compton:

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