Joe Louis vs. Deontay Wilder – Battle Of The Bombers


Joe Louis vs Deontay Wilder

Who would win in this fantasy matchup between these two heavyweight power punchers? Joe Louis fought around 205lb, but knocked out many SHW giants in brutal fashion showing he has power for any sized opponent. Deontay Wilder is the most vicious heavyweight boxer today, and also often knocks out much larger opponents regularly.

Deontay Wilder believes he would knock out his namesake Joe Louis. Louis held the title for 12 years, defending it 26 times, and still holds that record strong due to his incredible boxing feats. Wilder is still on his mission to become the lineal champ. Can he defeat the great Joe Louis? Or are his claims too bold? Who would win in this epic matchup between old and new? Between two fistic phenoms with dynamite in both hands with killer instinct. Who would emerge victor in The Battle of the Bombers?

Joe Louis – The Brown Bomber (6’2 205lb) 66-3
Deontay Wilder – The Bronze Bomber (6’7 220lb) 40-0

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