The Redemption of Primo Carnera


Was Primo Carnera a clumsy hype job or a legitimate Super Heavyweight champion?
This edit takes a closer look at his footwork, 85″ reach jab, defense, combos, and power to give you an often unseen side of Primo Carneras abilities as a boxer.

Primo Carnera was a 6’5 250lb 2 Time Defending Lineal Heavyweight Champion. His legacy is of much controversy. He knocked out countless people on his rise to the world stage, although his management team has been accused of fixing several of his earlier fights. He drew polar opinions from his peers. Some calling him an easy opponent, while others ranked him highly. He won the lineal HW title by knocking out Jack Sharkey with a ferocious uppercut, and defended the title twice successfully before being dethroned by Max Baer. This video aims at revealing more about Carneras in the ring abilities.

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