Monroe vs Maciel Highlights: August 24, 2018 – PBC on FS1


Willie Monroe Jr. faced off against Javier Francisco Maciel on PBC on FS1 in Minneapolis, MN, August 24, 2018, in a fight moving up towards title contention.

From the onset of the match, Monroe was the more active fighter, taking the lead in the action, using his jab to set up slick combinations in the first two rounds.

The jab and straight were his go-to punches, but they also set up hooks to the body and combinations that landed effortlessly on Maciel.

Maciel also found ways to capitalize when he pressed Monroe. In rounds 2 and 4 he landed a series of punches, capitalizing on the opportunities he found to send flurries Monroes way.

The match was mostly a chess match between the two fighters, where Monroe would land a series of shots, following one punch with another, and Maciel would return with one punch of his own.

Monroe closed out Rounds 5,6 & 7 with pressure, landing combinations, and easily scoring points to give him points on each round.

In the later rounds, Monroe showed no sign of slowing down, increasing the speed at which he threw his go to jab and combinations against the ropes.

After 10 rounds of pure boxing, Willie Monroe Jr. defeated Javier Francisco Maciel in a masterclass on boxing by UD.

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