Fundora vs Clark Full Fight: August 31, 2019 – PBC on FOX


Super welterweights Sebastían “The Towering Inferno” Fundora and Jamontay “The Quiet Assassin” Clark fought to a split draw (95-95, 98-92 for Fundora, 96-94 for Clark) in their 10RD bout on PBC on FOX on August 31, 2019.

“I thought I was the one doing all the work,” said Fundora. “I felt like I got more jabs and punches on him.”

Facing Clark was the first time Fundora had gone 10 rounds and he believes that he gained something valuable from the experience.

“I learned about fighting a taller boxer,” added Fundora. “I was trying to cut the corners off on him. I expected him to move a lot, but not that much in the fight. There was a height difference from other fighters I’ve fought. But if we run it back again, it’ll be different. I felt like I figured it out a little later in the fight.”

In the sixth round, Fundora appeared to have Clark in trouble as Clark clinched Fundora and both fighters fell awkwardly to the canvas.

“In the sixth, I caught him with an overhand left,” said Fundora. “He was ready to fall, but he fell on me.

“I thought we got it, but it wasn’t what the judges saw,” concluded Fundora. “I’d be happy with a rematch. I’ll run it back. We can do it tomorrow. I’ll hit him harder.”

Clark also believed he did enough to get the victory saying, “I felt like I pushed enough to get the win. The judges saw it another way. If Fundora wants to run it back again, we can run it back again. The sooner the better for me.

“The size was a little difficult at first, but we worked through it,” continued Clark. “It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. I’m going right back to the lab and back to work.”

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