Joe FRAZIER vs Jerry QUARRY | The 2nd Meeting | FULL FIGHT In HD


Joe Frazier clearly won the first two rounds despite being hit by a hard–but accidental–low blow with 30 seconds to go in the opening round. Frazier grimaced in pain and walked to a corner, but Quarry quickly apologized and Louis motioned for the bout to continue. The first really decisive punches of the fight came about 2½ minutes into the third round when Frazier connected with a right to the body and followed with a left hook to the head that turned Quarry sideways. Frazier pounded away in the fourth, flooring Quarry with a mighty left hook to the stomach at the closing bell. Quarry took a count of five before rising. The fifth round was all Frazier. He left Quarry helpless. After opening the cut over Quarry’s left eye, Frazier motioned to Louis to stop the fight, but the referee let the boxers continue for another 30 seconds before calling a halt. “Joe (Louis) should have stopped it sooner; if not Joe, then the people in Jerry’s corner,” said Frazier. “I could see how badly he was cut.” Louis defended his actions: “The cut wasn’t as big as Joe thought it was. In another half-minute, it was bigger, and that’s why I stopped it.”

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