Terry Norris vs Simon Brown II – Highlights (Norris SCHOOLS Simon)


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Highlights of the rematch between “Terrible” Terry Norris and Simon “Mantequilla” Brown in May of 1994. Just last year, Brown upset Norris with a brutal 4th round knockout over Norris to win the WBC Super Welterweight crown.

This is the second defense of Simon Brown’s WBC Super Welterweight title and he had previously beat Australian Troy Waters via a closely contested majority decision.

Norris had previously fought Troy Waters in early 1993, in a fight of great ebb and flow where both men floored each other a few times and the second round of their fight is considered to be one of the greatest in boxing history. Waters failed to make it to the 4th round due to a badly cut eye resulting from a knockdown in the 3rd.

In this rematch, Norris changed his fighting style – instead of engaging Brown toe to toe like he did in the first fight Norris chose to outbox Brown showing superior boxing skills, hand speed and a thoroughly improved defense to win a dominant unanimous decision victory in one of his career best performances.

In the first round, Norris injured his right hand which he said have increased his motivation to box instead of engaging Brown toe to toe. It was the also the same mistake that caused him his upset loss to Brown in their first fight which is named Upset of the Year 1993 by Ring Magazine.

With this victory, Norris became WBC Super Welterweight champion for the second time.

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