Shane Mosley vs Antonio Margarito – Highlights (Mosley KNOCKS OUT Margarito)


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January 24th, 2009. 37 year old 4-1 betting underdog “Sugar Shane Mosley” takes on Antonio Margarito aka “El Tornado de Tijuana” who looks to retain his WBA Welterweight Championship, which he bagged from Miguel Cotto via TKO11 back in July 2008. It was his signature win, but have since became laden with doubts in terms of credibility.

Prefight records; Mosley 45(38)-5, Margarito 37(27-5).

Going into the fight, Margarito had beaten notable opponents such as Andrew Lewis, Antonio Diaz, Joshua Clottey, David Kamau, Golden Johnson, Sergio Martinez, Miguel Cotto & Kermit Cintron (2x).

On the other hand, the 15 year veteran Mosley who was World Champion in 3 weight divisions; Lightweight, Welterweight & Light Middleweight had defeated a great number of top oppositions such as Jesse James Leija, John John Molina, Golden Johnson, Antonio Diaz, Wilfredo Rivera, Phillip Holiday, Luis Collazo, Ricardo Mayorga, Fernando Vargas (2x) & Oscar De La Hoya (2x).

** While Mosley by official records had twice defeated Oscar De La Hoya via decisions, but the outcome of their rematch has always been considered one of the most questionable decisions in the sport.

Before the fight, officials discovered what was described as plaster concealed in the wrapped hands of Antonio Margarito. It was likened to a material used to make casts. Another dodgy looking pad was also discovered in Margarito’s dressing room. Both materials were confiscated and handed over to the California Boxing Commission for further study.

Margarito’s hands were rewrapped after that and the fight went as scheduled.

From the opening bell, the underdog Mosley pummeled Margarito from pillar to post with ridiculous amount of power shots, especially clean right hands which landed continuously.

While “The Tijuana Tornado” had a few of his moments and displayed tremendous heart and a granite chin, he was unable to hurt Mosley.

“…What a fight! Tremendous right hand! And when I say what a fight, what a fight by Mosley!”
– Jim Lampley

For the most part, Margarito landed shots with minimal impact on the challenger, in contrast to the damage he inflicted to opponents like Kermit Cintron, Golden Johnson, Sebastian Andres Lujan and Miguel Cotto.

“Jim, the only thing in that ring that Shane Mosley hasn’t hit him with, is the stool and the referee.”
– Harold Lederman

With 40 seconds left in the 8th round, Margarito was clocked with a right uppercut that lifted him off his feet followed by a thunderous left hand that wobbled him badly. Mosley proceeded to go for the kill and threw nearly 25 punches (with more than half connected) and sent Margarito crashing to the canvas on his knees.

Margarito struggled to beat the count, and the bell saved him from a knockout.

However, the end proved to be impending as he was stopped within 45 seconds in the following round as Mosley resumed his attacks; connecting with powers punches after power punches with Margarito pinned on the ropes, which prompted referee Raul Caiz Sr to halt the brutal assault.

This is one of the best wins in the great career of Sugar Shane Mosley who was once the No. 1 P4P Fighter in the Sport.

Four days after the bout, the licenses of Antonio Margarito and his trainer Javier Capetillo were temporarily suspended by the California State Athletic Commission.

In May 2010, Margarito resumed his career with a UD10 win over Roberto Garcia. However, after winning his comeback fight he suffered devastating losses to Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto (rematch) where he absorbed tremendous punishment in both fights.

Even though Margarito hit Cotto with the same kind of punches he did in their 1st outing, he was unable to cause any sort of significant damage; which convinced many that he might have used illegal hand wraps in some of his previous fights as well. And it has also been noted that ever since the controversial discovery, Margarito never again displayed his previously vaunted punching power that resulted in a number of brutal stoppage wins.

The hand wraps controversy led many to question the legitimacy of some (if not all) of his top victories, particularly his stoppage of Miguel Cotto which was widely considered to be his career best victory.

While the overall credibility of Margarito’s legacy is doubtful in the eyes of the boxing world, some on the other hand believe it is unjust to assume that he had cheated in his previous fights just because he was caught before his title defense against Mosley.

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