Wilfredo Gomez vs Lupe Pintor – Highlights (Mexico vs Puerto Rico CLASSIC)


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December 3rd, 1982. One of the greatest Mexico vs Puerto Rico showdowns took place in the early 80s between Wilfredo “Bazooka” Gomez and Lupe Pintor aka “El Indio”. This fight was part of the undercard in the Thomas Hearns vs Wilfredo Benitez main event.

At this juncture of his career, Gomez had a 100% KO ratio and had only one loss to Salvador Sanchez back in August 1981. It was a bid for Sanchez’s WBC Featherweight Title.

Prefight records; Gomez 37(37)-1-1, Pintor 49(38)-5-1.

In May 1977, Gomez won the WBC World Super Bantamweight Championship via KO12 over Dong Kyun Yum.

Between July 1977 and August 1982, he successfully retained his WBC Crown an impressive 16 times.

For his 17th defense, he was scheduled to take on former WBC Bantamweight Champion Lupe Pintor who will also be making his 122 pound debut.

In May 1979, Pintor garnered the WBC World Bantamweight Title via SD15 over power punching Carlos Zarate.

He successfully defended his WBC Title 8 times between February 1980 and June 1982.

6 months after his last successful title defense, he moved up in weight to challenge the power punching Wilfredo Gomez in an attempt to become a 2 weight world champion.

Entering the bout, Pintor had notable wins over Seung Hoon Lee, Hurricane Teru, Alberto Davila, Alberto Sandoval, Orlando Amores, Johnny Owen & Carlos Zarate.

On the other hand, Gomez had defeated top oppositions such as Alberto Davila, Juan Meza, Carlos Mendoza, Nicky Perez, Roberto Rubaldino, Ruben Valdes, Jose Cervantes, Nestor Jimenez, Leonardo Cruz, Dong Kyun Yum, Royal Kobayashi, Carlos Zarate & Juan Antonio Lopez (2x).

In the early goings, Gomez controlled the action by moving forward with his jab and landed a couple of a good right hands.

In the 3rd round, after Gomez pinned Pintor on the ropes with a combination the pace picked up as both fighters traded their best shots but Pintor was more effective in most of the exchanges particularly when he fight off the ropes.

Round 3 of Gomez-Pintor was named Round of the Year by Ring Magazine.

From the 4th onwards, both fighters continued to fight an exciting tactical battle where punches in bunches were exchanged in many occasions; Gomez was largely more effective in ring center and at long range, while Pintor often fought off the ropes efficiently.

As the fight progressed into the championship rounds, the intensity spiked as Gomez and Pintor traded at an increasingly furious pace especially the 12th.

With 15 seconds left in the 14th stanza, Gomez rallied to score 2 knockdowns en route to a hard fought stoppage.

Wilfredo Gomez vs Lupe Pintor is consistently regarded as one of the Greatest World Title Fights in the history of the sport as well as one of the Greatest Fights in the majestic history of the Mexico vs Puerto Rico Rivalry.

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