Marvin Hagler vs Juan Roldan – Highlights (Middleweight Slugfest & KNOCKOUT)


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March 30th, 1984. Billed as “Bigger Than Life”, Middleweight legend “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler takes on the No. 1 WBA contender; the strong and rugged Argentinian Juan Domingo Roldan aka “Martillo”. Hagler’s IBF, WBA & WBC Championships were all on the line.

Prefight records; Hagler 58(48)-2-2, Roldan 52(37)-2-2.

Roldan was an extremely popular fighter in his hometown of Argentina where he fought most of his fights, as well as across Latin America in the 1980s. He was renown for his unorthodox style and a powerful right hand that earned him the alias Martillo (hammer in Spanish).

In his previous bout, Martillo knocked out Frank Fletcher that earned him a title shot against Hagler.

By this time, Hagler had victories over a long list of notable oppositions in Caveman Lee, Alan Minter, Marcos Geraldo, Eugene Hart, Mike Colbert, Loucif Hamani, Tony Sibson, Vito Antuofermo, Bennie Briscoe, Mustafa Hamsho, Roberto Duran, Fulgencio Obelmejias (2x), Kevin Finnegan (2x), Wilford Scypion (2x), Bobby Watts (2x), Willie Monroe (2x) & Sugar Ray Seales (2x).

Within the first 10 seconds of the fight, Roldan missed a left hand that accidentally pulled the back of Hagler’s head that sent him to the canvas (not shown in the video). Despite that, referee Tony Perez ruled it a knockdown, making it the only time that Hagler was officially “knocked down”.

The first 2 rounds were fairly 2 sided, but in the 3rd round Hagler badly hurt Roldan’s right eye followed by a knockdown. From then on, the fight started to swing in his favor. However, it was in this bout that Hagler’s reflexes and speed showed a slight decline which he compensated with greater aggression.

A determined Roldan continued to muscle through as the swelling on his right eye worsens; impeding his vision significantly. In the 10th frame, Hagler scored another knockdown. Roldan was able to beat the count but his right eye was swollen shut. He proceeded to signal to Perez that he did not want to continue.

Hagler achieved his 9th victory as Undisputed World Middleweight Champion since stopping Alan Minter back in September 1980.

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