Sergio Martinez vs Paul Williams I & II – Highlights (Great FIGHT & KNOCKOUT of the Year)


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December 5th, 2009. Nearly 10 years ago, 2 highly skilled and avoided top notch southpaws; Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez and Paul “The Punisher” Williams collided in an explosive non title Middleweight bout which featured nonstop action by both fighters. It was named by Ring Magazine as a candidate for Fight of the Year.

In the opening round, Martinez and Williams both scored a knockdown apiece but Martinez’s knockdown was arguably more damaging while Williams’ was partially due to Sergio losing his balance.

Both fighters continued to exchange with great back and forth action with many closely contested rounds that could be scored either way. Although Martinez appeared to do the better work in the 8th, 9th & 10th stanzas as he connected with the overall harder blows but Williams was busier as he had been throughout the fight.

An accidental headbutt occurred during the final seconds of the 3rd which resulted in a horrid gash above Williams’ left eye.

In the championship rounds, the 2 warriors continued to trade despite evidently fatigued from the furious pace. Martinez slipped a few times from exhaustion due to the intense pressure applied by the rangy, towering Williams for 10 hard rounds.

As a whole, Williams connected at a higher percentage through most of the bout but Martinez connected with the more memorable and thudding blows which made the fight near even.

After 36 minutes of explosive action, William earned an MD12 with scores of 114-114, 115-113 & 119-110.

This was Martinez’s 1st career setback in 9 years. He was last defeated way back in February 2002 against Antonio Margarito.

Although the verdict was not in any way outrageous, but Pierre Benoist’s 119-110 scorecard on behalf of Williams was ridiculous considering how closely contested most rounds were.

Nearly a year later, a highly anticipated rematch was set to take place.

November 20th, 2010. Billed as “The Explosive Rematch”, Martinez and Williams met 11 months after their 1st meeting. Only this time was a world title fight, where Martinez makes the 1st defenses of his WBC & The Ring Magazine Middleweight Crowns.

This fight was hyped to be a possible candidate for Fight of the Year based on the strength of their previous encounter.

Prefight records; Martinez 45(22)-2-2, Williams 39(27)-1.

In April 2010, Martinez earned his 1st world title shot at 160 pounds; challenging Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik for his WBC, WBO & The Ring Magazine World Middleweight Titles. After 12 competitive rounds, Maravilla triumphed via UD12 to become the new WBC, WBO & The Ring Magazine World Middleweight Champion.

In May 2010, Williams earned a TD4 win over Kermit Cintron who fell out of the ring in the 5th frame and badly hurt his head in the process. Cintron was unable to continue due to the injury, thus the fight went to the judges in which Williams was ahead in 2 of the 3 scorecards.

With that win, Williams was set to rematch Martinez and challenged him for his WBC & Ring Magazine World Middleweight Crowns.

Entering the contest, Martinez had commendable wins over Adrian Stone, Alex Bunema & Kelly Pavlik. On the other hand, Williams earned victories over notable oppositions in Antonio Margarito, Kermit Cintron, Sergio Martinez, Sharmba Mitchell, Verno Phillips & Winky Wright.

In the opening round, both engaged in competitive exchanges were volley of shots were connected at near equal level of effectiveness just as in their 1st round of their 1st fight but there were no knockdowns this time.

However, the explosive action did not last long due to a thunderous Maravilla left hand that found it’s mark flush on the jaw of Williams which left him face first on the mat with his eyes wide open just after the 1st minute of the 2nd stanza.

Referee Earl Morton counted The Punisher out as the defending champion retained his WBC & The Ring Magazine Middleweight Titles in spectacular fashion.

This is perhaps the most memorable win in the career of Sergio Martinez as he scored an unforgettable, picture perfect 1 punch KO against the iron jawed Williams who was out before he hit the canvas.

It was named Knockout of the Year by Ring Magazine.

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