Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Diego Corrales – Highlight (Pretty Boy DOMINATES)


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January 20th, 2001. “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather Jr takes on hard hitting Diego “Chico” Corrales as he defends his WBC Super Featherweight Title for the 6th time. Entering the bout, both fighters were undefeated and both had won all but 6 of their fights by knockout.

Prefight records; Mayweather 24(18)-0, Corrales 33(27)-0.

Going into the fight, Mayweather had notable wins over Genaro Hernández, Gregorio Vargas, Carlos Gerena, Justin Juuko, Emanuel Augustus, Gregorio Vargas & Angel Manfredy. On the other hand,

In a stunning performance, Mayweather dominated Corrales throughout 10 rounds and knocked him down 5 times en route to a corner stoppage. It was also the first 5 times that Corrales had been knocked down in his career!

The elusive and quicker Mayweather landed jabs, left hooks and his trademark right hands to the head and body at will as Corrales futilely tried to pin Mayweather on the ropes; constantly moving forward without jabbing and mostly attempting to land one big punch to end the fight.

Corrales tried to step up after getting floored 3 times in the 7th frame, but still unable to nail the elusive Floyd who constantly moves away after landing his shots. Overall, Pretty Boy Floyd put up a dazzling display of both offense and defense through 30 minutes of domination.

According to CompuBox Stats, Floyd Mayweather landed 220 punches against Corrales’ 60 and over 50% of his shots found its target.

Enjoy this highlight of what is regarded as one of Mayweather’s finest career performances!

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