Muhammad Ali vs Oscar Bonavena – Highlights (Ali KNOCKS OUT Bonavena)


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December 7th, 1970. On this day, “The Greatest of All Time” Muhammad Ali takes on the tough Argentinian, Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena. This was Ali’s 2nd bout since his comeback from a 3 1/2 year layoff; his 1st was against Jerry Quarry 2 months ago where he stopped the tough Irishman in 3 rounds.

Prefight records; Ali 30(24)-0, Bonavena 46(37)-6.

Going into the fight, Muhammad Ali was undefeated and had notable wins over Archie Moore, Doug Jones, Ernie Terrell, George Chuvalo, Jerry Quarry, Karl Mildenberger, Floyd Patterson, Zora Folley, Henry Cooper (2x) & Sonny Liston (2x).

On the other hand, Ringo had beaten the likes of George Chuvalo, Gregorio Peralta, Karl Mildenberger, Leotis Martin, Manuel Ramos & Zora Folley.

Before the bout, Ali predicted a 9th round knockout for himself while Bonavena predicted Ali’s defeat to occur in the 11th. Neither prediction came true.

Due to Ali’s long absence in the ring, he showed some ring rusts particularly in his mobility and mobility; as he was fighting more flat footed than he used, before his layoff. Bonavena on the other hand did better than expected as he managed to connect with clean shots with his awkward style, applying constant pressure to cut off the ring.

After 14 rounds, Ali was ahead 12-2, 10-3-1, 8-5-1 in the scorecards.

In the final stanza, Ali connected with a pulverizing left hook to floor the tough Argentinian for the first time. He would follow up to score 2 more knockdowns en route to an automatic stoppage, due to the 3 knockdown rule.

After Ali’s victory, Howard Cosell presented a telephone to him in the ring with Joe Frazier on the line. Both fighters agreed to get it on and they would meet for the 1st time in March 1971, in a fight billed as “Fight of the Century”.

Their 1st meeting was the beginning of perhaps the greatest rivalry & series of fights in the history of the sport.

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