Aaron Davis vs Simon Brown – Highlights (Exciting, Skillful FIGHT)


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September 16th, 1995. On this day, Aaron “Superman” Davis fights Simon “Mantequilla” Brown in an underrated Middleweight bout. This is the Middleweight debuts for both fighters.

Prefight records; Brown 43(32)-4, Davis 40(25)-4.

Davis was a former World Welterweight Champion while Brown was former World Champion in 2 weight divisions; Welterweight & Light Middleweight.

Going into the fight, Davis had notable wins over Gene Hatcher, Edwin Curet, Luis Santana & Mark Breland while the 13 year veteran Brown had beaten the likes of Jorge Vaca, Kevin Howard, Luis Santana, Maurice Blocker, Troy Waters, Terry Norris & Tyrone Trice (2x).

Both fighters put up a highly competitive, skillfully tactical fight from the start. Davis got the early upper hand by using jabs to keep Brown at bay. But Brown bagged most of the rounds in the 1st half as he swung the momentum towards his favor using his own jabs to get in the inside and outworked Davis.

However, in the 7th frame Davis turned the tides to his favor once again by reestablishing his jabs to keep Brown on the outside where the edge belonged to him. Also, Brown was penalized 1 point for repeated low blows in addition to losing the round. This gave Davis a 2 point advantage.

There was a long delay to the start of the 8th round due to a tear in Brown’s right glove & it took considerable amount of time before it was replaced.

Davis kept his momentum going in the 8th & 9th rounds but in the final stanza Brown wobbled him a couple of times. Although Davis came back but Brown seemed to have won the 10th.

After 30 minutes of skillful exchanges between 2 former World Champions, Davis won a close UD via scores of 95-94, 96-93 & 97-92.

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