Marvin Hagler vs Bennie Briscoe – Highlights (BATTLE of the BALDIES)


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August 24th, 1978. “Battle of the Baldies” was an underrated fight between 2 great Middleweights; 24 year old “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler and seasoned 35 year old “Bad” Bennie Briscoe at the Spectrum where 14,930 fans were in attendance; a record for a non title Middleweight bout at that time.

Prefight records; Hagler 40(33)-2-1, Briscoe 60(50)-16-5.

Bad Bennie was a former 3x world title challenger and largely considered to be the quintessential Philadelphia boxer who is vastly underrated by most. At his best, he was a highly avoided contender due to his power, body punching abilities and superb toughness.

Entering the bout, Briscoe had notable wins over George Benton, Eugene Hart, Percy Manning, Stanley Hayward, Tony Mundine, Tony Chiaverini, Vicente Rondon and Eddie Mustafa Muhammad.

On the other hand, Hagler had beaten commendable oppositions in Bobby Watts, Eugene Hart, Mike Colbert, Sugar Ray Seales, Willie Monroe (2x) and Kevin Finnegan (2x).

In the opening round, Hagler established his jab and move on his backfoot against the veteran who constantly tried to close the distance. Briscoe’s nose began to bleed from Marvin’s right jabs.

Early in the 2nd, Hagler connected with a right hand that spun Briscoe around which resulted in more bleeding on his nose which troubled him through the entire bout.

In the 3rd and 4th, Briscoe found some success with infighting and opened up 2 gashes above the right eye of Hagler who claimed they were caused by headbutts which reopened an old injury from high school.

Both fighters fought at near even terms for the most part in the 5th and 6th.

Briscoe had some of his best moments in the 7th and 8th; connecting with a couple of good head shots but Hagler still did the better overall work particularly when he shook him badly towards the end of the 7th with thunderous uppercuts.

Hagler gained apparent control of the last 2 frames using his jabs once again, and outlanded Briscoe en route to a hard fought UD10 victory.

Overall, Marvelous Marvin’s youth advantages; speed, reflexes and mobility served to his favor against the weathered 35 year old Philadelphian warrior.

According to Hagler, he had never trained harder for a fight than he did against Briscoe; having worked with 6 different sparring partners interchangeably over a 3 week period.

“I worked double hard for this fight”.
– Marvin Hagler

2 years later, Hagler won the WBA & WBC World Middleweight Titles by decimating Alan Minter in 3 rounds before a hostile British crowd who pelted Hagler with beer bottles and chairs, after he was declared the winner due to excessive facial injuries suffered by the defending champion.

Hagler went to beat Juan Domingo Roldan, Caveman Lee, Wilford Scypion, John Mugabi, Roberto Duran, Tony Sibson, Thomas Hearns, Fulgencio Obelmejias (2x) and Mustafa Hamsho (2x) during his reign as Middleweight King of his era from September 27th 1980 to March 10th 1986.

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