Joe Louis vs Al Ettore – Highlights (Delayed Reaction KNOCKOUT)


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September 22nd, 1936. The legendary Joe Louis aka “The Brown Bomber” takes on the rugged Philadelphian Al Ettore in his 2nd fight since his KO loss to Max Schmeling 3 months earlier.

Prefight records; 25(21)-1, 56(19)-7-2.

After the Schmeling upset in Jun 1936, Joe Louis rebounds with a knockout victory over former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Sharkey. His next opponent was set to be Al Ettore.

Ettore was a tough, crowd pleasing heavyweight contender throughout the 1930s who fought top oppositions such as Maxie Rosenbloom, Johnny Paycheck, Tony Galento, John Henry Lewis, Jersey Joe Walcott, Abe Feldman and Arturo Godoy. In his 10 year career, he held notable wins over Jim Braddock, John Henry Lewis and Jersey Joe Walcott.

In this fight , Ettore was very game and took the fight to Louis and occasionally managed to nail the 22 year old future world champion.

However, a young Louis was too much for the determined Ettore and knocked him down 3 times; the first 2 with right hands and the 3rd and final one with 2 pulverizing left hooks. A very determined Ettore tried to rise but without his legs under him, he fell through the ring ropes in his attempt to beat the count.

After this victory, Louis would go 5-0 before knocking out “The Cinderella Man” Jim Braddock in Jun 1937 to become World Heavyweight Champion and was never dethroned for a remarkable 12 years.

During his reign, he defeated top oppositions such as Tommy Farr, Bob Pastor, Gus Dorazio, John Henry Lewis, Lou Nova, Tami Mauriello, Max Baer, Max Schmeling (rematch), Abe Simon (2x), Arturo Godoy (2x), Billy Conn (2x), Buddy Baer (2x) and Jersey Joe Walcott (2x).

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