Terry Norris vs Meldrick Taylor – Highlights (Norris KNOCKS OUT Taylor)


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May 9th, 1992. 2-1 betting favorite “Terrible” Terry Norris takes on Meldrick Taylor aka “The Kid” in the 7th defense of his WBA World Super Welterweight Championship. This bout was contested at a catchweight of 151.5 pounds.

Prefight records; Norris 31(17)-3, Taylor 29(15)-1-1.

At this point, Taylor had only one loss in his career against Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez Sr, back in March 1990. It was a stunningly amazing fight that ended in controversial fashion;

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Meldrick Taylor – Highlights; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIiOL292fEo

Since that loss, Taylor moved up to Welterweight and in his 2nd bout at 147, he won the WBA World Welterweight Title. He made 2 successful defenses before moving up to Super Welterweight. For his 1st fight at 154, he challenged the reigning WBA Titleholder Terry Norris in an attempt to become World Champion in 3 weight classes.

In March 1990, Norris bagged the WBC World Super Welterweight Championship via a stunning knockout over “The Beast” John Mugabi. A victory named Knockout of the Year by Ring Magazine.

Then from July to 1990 to February 1992, he successfully defended his WBA Crown 6 times consecutively. For his 7th defense, the superbly quick-handed Meldrick Taylor was up next.

Going into the fight, Taylor who was World Champion at Light Welterweight & Welterweight had notable wins over Luis Garcia, Glenwood Brown, Aaron Davis & Buddy McGirt.

On the other hand, Terry Norris had beaten meaningful oppositions in Quincy Taylor, Carl Daniels, Jorge Vaca, Jorge Fernando Castro, Rene Jacquot, John Mugabi, Steve Little, Buster Drayton, Donald Curry & Sugar Ray Leonard.

** It should be noted that Ray Leonard was well past his prime (at 35) at the time of his fight against Norris.

Taylor started fast in the opening frame and connected with some good shots in the first minute but Norris came back strong. In rounds 2 & 3, Norris evidently titled the field in his favor as he consistently landed more and with harder, cleaner shots than the challenger.

In the 4th stanza, the accumulation of punishment by the naturally bigger Norris took it’s toll as Taylor was decked twice. The Philadelphian warrior rose to his feet both times, but Norris continued to unleash his relentless assault on the ropes, which prompted referee Mills Lane to call a halt to the bout with only 5 seconds left to the end of the round.

While Taylor was largely outworked by the naturally bigger and prime Norris, he fought a tremendously brave fight from the opening bell and more than held his own.

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