Joe Louis vs Tony Galento – Highlights (Classic KNOCKOUT)


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June 28th, 1939. On this day, the legendary Joe Louis aka “Brown Bomber” defends his World Heavyweight Championship for the 7th time against Tony “Two Ton” Galento.

Prefight records; Louis 38(32)-1, Galento 76(53)-23-5.

Before the fight Galento said (in his mangled New Jersey accent), “I’ll moider da bum.”

Entering the bout, the top rated Galento had notable wins over Abe Feldman, Roy Lazer, Al Ettore & Nathan Mann. On the other hand, the 25 year old Louis in his 2nd year as World Heavyweight Champion had beaten many top oppositions such as Al Ettore, Nathan Mann, Jack Sharkey, King Levinsky, Jack Roper, John Henry Lewis, Bob Pastor, Charley Retzlaff, Primo Carnera, Paulino Uzcudun, Max Baer, Tommy Farr, Jim Braddock, Lee Ramage (2x) & Max Schmeling (2x).

Galento’s unorthodox style manage to trouble Louis in the early goings, but later on Louis make adjustments and dish out tremendous punishment on his tough, resilient challenger. Louis knocks him down in the 2nd round while Galento returns the favor in the 3rd which is his best moment of the bout.

In the 4th stanza, Louis connects with a monstrous barrage of shots and Galento lost his footing from the accumulated damage and falls on one knee near the ropes; clearly in no position to carry on.

A few years after the bout, Louis stated the following in an interview;

“Tony berated me something terrible before the fight. He got to me, and I hated him for it. I never hated anybody before. I decided to punish him before I knocked him out.”

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