Julio Cesar Chavez vs Roger Mayweather I & II – Highlights (Chavez KNOCKOUTS)


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July 7th, 1985. Undefeated 23 year old Julio Cesar Chavez aka “El César del Boxeo” makes the 2nd defense of his WBC Super Featherweight Title against former WBC Super Featherweight Champion the “Black Mamba” Roger Mayweather. This fight was Chavez’s 1st appearance in American network as well as his toughest test to date.

Prefight records; Chavez 46(39)-0, Mayweather 21(14)-2.

Back in September 1984, Chavez lifted the vacant WBC Super Featherweight Championship via TKO8 over Mario Martinez and stopped Ruben Castillo in April of the following year in his very 1st title defense.

For his 2nd defense, he will face the hard hitting Roger Mayweather (Floyd Mayweather Jr’s uncle).

Mayweather won the opening round as he utilized his footwork and left jab to create openings for his right hands, which he connected with a few that momentarily staggered Chavez.

In the 2nd stanza, Mayweather remained in control until the mid point when Chavez managed to close the distance to land his own right hands that floored Roger 4 times en route to a stoppage.

Although Mayweather went down 4 times in total, only 2 were counted as the other 2 were ruled as slips by referee Richard Steele and despite the number of times he tasted the canvas, Steele halted the fight while Mayweather was still standing as his legs were clearly gone.

4 years later, both fighters met again at 140 pounds with the roles of challenger and champion switched.

May 13th, 1989. Julio Cesar Chavez in his 140 pound debut challenged reigning WBC World Super Light Champion Roger Mayweather who makes his 5th title defense. Back in November 1987, Mayweather stopped Rene Arredondo in 6 rounds to capture the WBC title.

Prefight records; Chavez 62(49)-0, Mayweather 34(23)-5.

Entering the bout, Mayweather was World Champion at 130 and 140 pounds with commendable wins over Benedicto Villablanca, Freddie Pendleton, Mauricio Aceves, Mario Martinez, Rene Arredondo, Rodolfo Gonzalez, Sammy Fuentes,
Samuel Serrano & Vinny Pazienza.

Similarly, Chavez was also World Champion in 2 weight divisions; 130 and 135 pounds with notable victories over Edwin Rosario, Danilo Cabrera, Ruben Castillo, Rodolfo Aguilar, Jose Luis Ramirez, Juan La Porte, Nicky Perez, Rafael Limon,
Mario Martinez, Roger Mayweather & Rocky Lockridge.

From the first frame on, both fighters dispensed their best shots in a competitive fight where the Mayweather utilized a long jab and a counter right hand, but Chavez’s effective offense gradually forced Roger to fight in his terms; in the inside.

As the fight progressed into the second half, Roger began to slow down due to Chavez’s relentless pressure and attacks at close range and on the ropes. While he was able to land some very good right hands, the Mexican superstar took his best shots with little trouble and pressed on with his continuous assault.

Mayweather was cut above the left eye in the 8th and was penalized 1 point in the 3rd for repeated low blows.

In the corner after the 10th stanza, the Black Mamba complained of stomach cramps and could not continue; making Chavez the new WBC World Super Lightweight Champion.

With this victory, Chavez scored his 50th KO victory whilst retaining his undefeated record to become the 14th Triple Crown World Champion in history. He had won world titles at at 130, 134 & 140pounds.

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