Ray Mancini vs Arturo Frias – Highlights (1st Round Fight & KNOCKOUT)


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Highlights of the explosive one round fight between Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini and Arturo Frias for the WBA Lightweight Championship back in 1982.

Just about six months earlier, Mancini fought Alexis Arguello for Arguello’s WBC Lightweight Championship and despite a very valiant effort, was stopped in the 14th round.

This was Arturo Frias’ second title defense. Frias won the title against Claude Noel in 1981, and have made one successful defense against Ernesto Espana before facing Mancini.

During training camp, there was purportedly an assassination attempt on Mancini as three gun men were said to be looking for him at his training camp, and Mancini then moved his training camp to Las Vegas where he was protected by police officers in his new training camp.

None of the three men were ever identified.

This is one of the most spectacular one round fights in boxing history and certainly one of the best title fights in the history of the sport!

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