Vasyl Lomachenko vs Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo – Highlights (Lomachenko OUTCLASSES Piriyapinyo)


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November 23rd, 2014. Vasyl “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko takes on Thailand’s Suriya Tatakhun aka “Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo” (Crimson Tide) with Lomachenko’s WBO World Featherweight title on the line as his 1st title defense, which he won after beating Gary Russell Jr. earlier in the same year.

Going into the fight, Lomachenko had a record of 2(1)-1 while Piryapinyo was 52(33)-2. In spite of that, Piryapinyo had no notable wins but his biggest fight was probably a 2012 title bout against the now retired Indonesian star Chris John in Singapore where John’s WBA Super World Featherweight crown were on the line. John would score a clear UD victory over the Thai fighter.

Vasyl Anatoliyovich Lomachenko is an extremely gifted fighter with amazing versatility, possessing remarkable hand speed, lateral movements and uncanny precision and timing. His ability to switch fighting styles with ease is a one of a kind and rarely seen ability in the sport. Added with a stellar amateur record of 396-1 with his lone less avenged twice, he started his pro career with a very solid amateur background which serves to huge advantage.

So far, Lomachenko had wins over opponents who are much more experienced in the pro ranks and he had suffered only 1 loss against the veteran Orlando Salido in his 2nd pro fight and Lomachenko put up a tremendous effort and seemed to be on the verge of stopping the rugged Salido with body punches in the final round. But thus far, his career had been anything but remarkable despite having only a total of 7 fights as of now. In his last fight, he dominated and knocked out Roman Martinez (who had two classic fights with arch rival Salido) with a beautiful, picture perfect 2 punch combination.

Piryapinyo was outclassed throughout 12 rounds, and was knocked down in the 4th round with a series of combinations; this is the first time the Thai fighter had been down in 53 fights. Additionally, Lomachenko outlanded Piryapinyo by about 400 total punches. While Chonlatarn’s best punch is supposedly a left hook to the body, but it was Hi-Tech who’s hurt him multiple times to the body throughout the fight and despite hurting his left hand in the 7th round he continues to dominate the fight.

Piryapinyo had but a few moments where he landed decent shots to the body but with little to no effect to slow down Lomachenko’s dominance. To his credit, he had taken a great deal of punishment and continues to keep the pressure on despite having no answers to Lomachenko’s wizard-like abilities.

“Pay very close attention to Lomachenko everybody. This is a special fighter even by special fighters’s standards you’re watching something special.”
– Max Kellerman

How will Nicholas Walters deal with the supreme athletic abilities of Lomachenko? Will Walters offer a harder fight for Hi-Tech or will the Axe-Man be axed instead? Let me know your thoughts!

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