Mike McCallum vs Julian Jackson – Highlights (Light Middleweight WAR)


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Highlights of the amazing but very underrated fight between “The Body Snatcher” Mike McCallum and Julian “The Hawk” Jackson in August 1986 where McCallum made the third defense of his WBA Super Welterweight title.

In 1984, McCallum won the vacant WBA Super Welterweight title against Sean Mannion via a huge unanimous decision. McCallum then successfully defended the title twice against Luigi Minchillo and David Braxton, both via TKO victories.

McCallum is considered to be one of the most avoided fighters in history, and according to McCallum the famous Fab Four of the 80s (Hagler, Leonard, Hearns, Duran) have all avoided him. McCallum is one of the most underrated fighters in history, with superior technical skills, defense and as his alias suggest, was a tremendous body puncher and some have argued that he is the greatest body puncher in the history of the sport. Additionally, McCallum had one of the greatest chins ever.

Julian Jackson is considered to be the hardest pound for pound puncher in boxing history, and faced his first real test against McCallum in this fight, at this point of his career. Jackson was known for his exceptional punching power, often scoring knockouts with one punch, racking up a total of 13 first round knockout wins with an overall record of 55 wins (49 KOs) and 6 losses.

The fight did not last long but it was worth every moment of it as both fighters traded bombs all the way.

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