Caveman Lee vs John LoCicero – Highlights (Underrated Middleweight SLUGFEST)


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July 9th, 1981. One of the greatest but highly underrated Middleweight bout took place on this day when two tough, hard punching Middleweights collide in Detroit, Michigan; William “Caveman” Lee and John LoCicero. This fight took place in the famous Twenty Grand Showroom where legendary musicians performed in back in its early years during the 1950s.

Going into the fight, Caveman Lee had a record of 19-2 with 18 wins via knockouts, 9 in the first round. He was also a top Middleweight contender, ranked No. 9 by the WBA, and No. 17 by Ring Magazine. Lee had notable victories over Marcos Geraldo and Frank Fletcher by that time.

John LoCicero on the other hand had a record of 17-5 with 13 knockouts. At this time, LoCicero was largely considered to be a journeyman but renown for his punching power and considered to possess the hardest right hand in the division at that time according to Randy Gordon, chief editor of Ring Magazine from 1979 to 1983.

While considered to be a journeyman, many boxing observers believe that LoCicero had a shot for Middleweight stardom. LoCicero had a notable UD win over Teddy Mann, and his 2 other notable opposition were against Norberto Sabater and Marcos Geraldo. LoCicero lost both bouts.

This fight was postponed for 2 months due to a shoulder injury suffered by LoCicero and LoCicero was inactive for a total period of 10 months going into this bout. On the other hand, Caveman Lee had to shed 4 pounds in the same day of the fight and observers speculate that it might affect his stamina in the later rounds. However, this fight did not make it past the halfway mark.

As mentioned earlier, this is an extremely underrated Middleweight bout between two hard punchers with the entire bout filled with action and excitement throughout. Power punches were traded between these two fighters in every round, but the most significant round is the 5th and final round which is named Round of the Year 1981 by Ring Magazine.

An unforgettable round, with a very long unanswered barrage of punches before the final moments!

The intensity of the fight is added by the fact that there was no air conditioning, thus humidity was at a sky high. Hall of Fame announcer, Al Bernstein considers this to be one of his personal Top 5 best fights he had announced in his career. The other 4 includes; Juan Manuel Lopez vs Roger Mtagwa, Israel Vazquez vs Rafael Marquez III, Jose Luis Castillo vs Diego Corrales and the unforgettable classic Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns.

After this bout, LoCicero picks up 2 wins over Bruce McIntyre and the durable Mike Baker, and 2 losses against Tony Suero and Sugar Ray Seales from November 1981 to 1982. On the other hand, Caveman Lee earns a title shot against Middleweight legend Marvin Hagler, challenging for the WBA and WBC titles in March 1982. Lee lost via 1st round knockout. He retires from the sport before coming back in 1986 and 1988 to pick up a win and a loss respectively, before a permanent retirement.

Al Bernstein frequently use Round 5 of Lee-LoCicero for his boxing parties, sports party shows, state shows throughout the United States and around the world which often yields an amazing reaction.

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Note: I have included a rather long replay of almost the entire sequence of the barrage of punches as well as the knockout towards the end of this highlight, which makes this video longer than it should be.

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