Julio Cesar Chavez vs Greg Haugen – Highlights (BEATDOWN & KNOCKOUT)


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February 20th, 1993. Undefeated Mexican legend Julio César Chávez takes on Greg Haugen as the 10th defense of his WBC World Super Lightweight Title. This bout recorded the 2nd largest live attendance in boxing history; where 132,274 spectators packed the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

The largest live attendance ever recorded was back in August 1941, where 135,000 spectators filled the Juneau Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to watch “Man of Steel” Tony Zale against Billy Pryor.

Prefight records; Chavez 84(69)-0, Haugen 32(16)-4.

Haugen bashed the quality of Chavez’s 84 win streak with a number of derogatory statements such as “All he’s fought are Tijuana taxi drivers” and “Tijuana taxi drivers that my mother could have knocked out”.

In response to his insults, Chavez stated the following:

“I really hate him bad. When he looks at me, I want to vomit. I am going to give him the worst beating of his life; I am going to make him swallow the words that came out of his dirty mouth.”

At this time, Haugen was a former 2 weight World Champion at Lightweight & Light Welterweight with quality wins over Jimmy Paul, Gert Bo Jacobsen, Vinny Pazienza, Ray Mancini & Hector Camacho.

On the other hand, the undefeated Chavez was World Champion in 3 weight classes; Super Featherweight, Lightweight & Light Welterweight. In his impressive 84 win streak, he triumphed over top oppositions such as Lonnie Smith, Angel Hernandez, Rafael Limon, Marty Jakubowski, Alberto de las Mercedes Cortes, Rodolfo Aguilar, Danilo Cabrera, Nicky Perez, Frankie Mitchell, Mario Martinez, Ruben Castillo, Juan Laporte, Sammy Fuentes, Jose Luis Ramirez, Rocky Lockridge, Edwin Rosario, Hector Camacho, Meldrick Taylor & Roger Mayweather (2x).

Chavez was extremely confident of his victory and made a $100,000 bet with Don King that he would knock Haugen out.

From the early goings, it was evident that Chavez would be 100 grand richer as he methodically and mercilessly battered Haugen to the body and head; taking pleasure in punishing the challenger for his many insults and floored him in the first round with 3 cracking right hands in succession.

Between the second and fourth frames, Chavez continued to unleash his brutal beatings on the overwhelmed Haugen.

In the 5th stanza, Chavez finally ended the torture and decked him for the 2nd time in the fight. A courageous Haugen rose to his feet, but a follow up barrage along the ropes inevitably ended the bout as referee Joe Cortez stepped in.

In the aftermath, Haugen badly bruised all to the face, body and even his arms due to the accumulation of punishment dispensed by the Mexican Triple Crown World Champion.

With this win, Chavez (widely hailed as the greatest Mexican fighter in the sport) scored his 70th knockout and 85th career win to the euphoric cheers of his fellow countrymen, as he had delivered his promise to punish the challenger.

After the bout, both fighters showed respect to one another with Chavez telling Haugen, “Now you know I don’t fight with taxi drivers” to which Haugen jokingly replied, “Well, they must have been tough taxi drivers”.

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