Vernon Forrest vs Ricardo Mayorga I – Highlights (Huge Upset & KNOCKOUT)


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January 25th, 2003. The late Vernon Forrest aka “The Viper” takes on the tough, hard hitting Nicaraguan slugger “El Matador” Ricardo Mayorga with his WBC Welterweight Title on the line while Mayorga’s WBA strap is also for the taking.

Prefight records; Forrest 35(26)-0, Mayorga 23(21)-3-1.

In January 2002, Forrest dethroned a prime undefeated “Sugar” Shane Mosley via UD12 to relieve him of his WBC Welterweight Title and was also awarded The Ring Welterweight crown. Forrest also became the 1st man to knock Mosley down as a pro, twice.

For the 1st defenses of all his newly won titles, he once again beat Mosley in a rematch via UD12. In total, Forrest had beaten Mosley 6 times; 2 times as a pro and 4 times as an amateur.

In March 2002, El Matador scored a TKO5 win over Andrew “Six Heads” Lewis to bag the WBA Welterweight Championship. Both fighters originally fought in July 2001 but the bout ended prematurely due to a clash of heads that caused a severe cut on Lewis’ eye; it was ruled an NC.

Mayorga and Forrest are set to meet in a World Welterweight Unification clash.

Forrest was the huge favorite, as he had twice beaten a prime Mosley in convincing fashion while Mayorga is little known outside of Nicaragua thus few gave the crude, unorthodox slugger a chance to pull off an upset.

The then President of Costa Rica, Abel Pacheco promised Mayorga a reward of 100,000 dollars and a new house should he beat Forrest. Additionally, Don King promised him a new yellow Chevrolet if he could pull it off.

Going into the fight, Forrest had notable wins over Santiago Samaniego, Vince Phillips & Shane Mosley (2x) while Mayorga had a good KO win over Andrew Lewis.

In the opening round, the usually patient Forrest was surprisingly lured into a war; basically fighting Mayorga’s fight which turned out to be a huge mistake as Mayorga got the upper hand and floored Forrest towards the end of the round.

The fight went on in Mayorga’s favor as Forrest continues to oblige Mayorga’s desire to trade and it proved fatal when Mayorga put him down once again with a powerful right hand on the ropes. A courageous Forrest got up but was in no position to go on; Mayorga achieved a most unexpected upset to become the Unified World Welterweight Champion.

This remains one of the most shocking, unexpected upsets in the history of the sport.

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