Arturo Gatti Highlights & Knockouts – The Thunder (Tribute)


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A tribute to the legendary Arturo “Thunder” Gatti, also known as “The Blood and Guts Warrior” and “The Human Highlight Reel”, one of the most exciting fighters to ever stepped into the ring. Gatti was immensely popular during his career due to his highly aggressive, all action fighting style as well as his unparalleled courage and determination in the ring; capturing the hearts of millions of boxing fans throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

Win, lose or draw Gatti was never in a dull fight throughout his 16 year career.

While Gatti had fought in many exciting fights, perhaps his trilogy with “Irish” Micky Ward is the most memorable portion of his boxing career. He fought Ward twice in 2002 and a rubber match in 2003; all 3 of their bouts were explosive with non stop action in a total of 30 combined rounds with 3 knockdowns. Their 1st encounter in May 2002 is often considered to be the best fight in their 3 fight rivalry, chosen by The Ring as Fight of the Year 2002 and it’s Round 9 voted as Round of the Year 2002.

Gatti-Ward ranks as one of the greatest rivalries in the history of the sport along with the likes of Marquez-Pacquiao, Bowe-Holyfield, Márquez–Vázquez, Chacon-Limon etc.

From his pro debut in June 1991 till his last fight in April 2007, he compiled a final record of 40(31)-9 with notable wins over Calvin Grove, Joey Gamache, Jose Sanabria, Terron Millett, Gianluca Branco, Jesse James Leija, Leonard Dorin, Gabriel Ruelas, Wilson Rodriguez, Tracy Harris Patterson (2x) and Micky Ward (2x).

Arturo Gatti garnered the following awards and recognition during his career;

1) The Ring Fight of the Year – Arturo Gatti vs. Gabriel Ruelas (1997)
2) The Ring Round of the Year – Round 5 of Arturo Gatti vs. Gabriel Ruelas (1997)
3) The Ring Round of the Year – Round 3 of Arturo Gatti vs. Ivan Robinson II (1998)
4) The Ring Knockout of the Year – Arturo Gatti KO5 Gabriel Ruelas (1998)
5) The Ring Fight of the Year – Arturo Gatti vs. Ivan Robinson I (1998)
6) The Ring Upset of the Year – Arturo Gatti vs. Ivan Robinson I (1998)
7) The Ring Round of the Year – Round 9 of Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward I (2002)
8) The Ring Fight of the Year – Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward I (2002)
9) BWAA Fight of the Year – Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward I (2002)
10) The Ring Comeback of the Year (2002)
11) The Ring Fight of the Year – Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward III (2003)
12) Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (2013)

Arturo Gatti was World Champion in 2 weight divisions;

1) IBF Super Featherweight Champion (December 1995 – March 1998)
2) WBC Light Welterweight Champion (January 2004 – Jun 2005)

On July 11th 2009, Gatti tragically died at only 37 years of age; he was found dead in a hotel in Brazil while on vacation with wife Amanda Rodrigues and his 10 month old son. Originally ruled a homicide, Rodrigues was charged with 1st degree murder as the strap of her purse was found stained in blood. Further suspicions arose when Rodrigues failed to explained the fact that she was not able to realize Gatti had died despite spending 10 hours in the hotel room with him. The Brazilian authorities later on declared Gatti’s death to be a suicide after the release of the coroner’s autopsy report thus the murder charge on his widow was dropped.

Controversies arose later, when a pathologist hired by Gatti’s family stated the the Brazilian authorities overlooked bruises on Gatti’s body in their autopsy. Although Rodrigues was released from the murder charge, many have theorized that Rodrigues had murdered Gatti in a scheme to inherit his fortune. In 2009, a court judge ruled that Rodrigues is the sole beneficiary of Gatti’s fortune although the late boxer’s family stated Gatti was manipulated into signing a amended will weeks before his death.

The circumstances behind Gatti’s death remains a mystery as it is still officially ruled a suicide, yet with many unanswered questions.

Gatti’s death has broke the hearts of millions of boxing fans and a tremendous loss to the sport.

Rest in peace champ! You will never be forgotten!