Carlos Zarate vs Alfonso Zamora – Highlights (Battle of the Z Boys – Explosive, BIZARRE Fight)


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April 23rd, 1977. On this day, 2 undefeated power punching Mexicans; Carlos Zarate aka”Cañas” & Alfonso “El Toro” Zomora met in a highly anticipated showdown. Due to both fighters’ extremely high knockout ratio, no one expected the fight to go the distance.

However, the most unexpected and perhaps memorable parts of the fight would be 2 bizarre incidents that took place at the start and end of the bout!

Prefight records; Zarate 45(44)-0, Zamora 29(29)-0.

Zamora was the slight betting favorite, but both fighters were regarded as 2 of the best Bantamweights in the sport at this junction. Both were reigning World Bantamweight Champions; Zarate held the WBC title while Zamora was the WBA champion.

Although both fighters were reigning World Bantamweight Champions, this is a non title fight as it was contested at Super Bantamweight.

But it was considered to be a battle for Mexican pride due to the fact that both are Mexicans hailing from Mexico City and also due to the bad blood between the 2 camps. Ironically, both fighters were good friends and former training partners but there was a heated rivalry was between Alfonso Zamora Sr (father and trainer) and Arturo Hernández (Zarate’s manager).

In May 1976, Zarate won the WBC World Bantamweight title via KO9 over Rodolfo Martinez and made 3 successful defenses between August 1976 and February 1977.

In March 1975, Zamora became the WBA World Bantamweight Champion by beating Soo-Hwan Hong via KO4. He successfully defended the title 5 times between August 1975 and October 1976.

Both fighters moved up to 122 pounds in “The Battle of the Z Boys”.

Going into the fight, Zamora had beaten notable opponents such as Thanomchit Sukhothai, Eusebio Pedroza & Soo-Hwan Hong (2x). On the other hand, Zarate had victories over top oppositions in Fernando Cabanella, Paul Ferreri, Nestor Jimenez & Rodolfo Martinez.

In the first minute, both fighters were very cautious of each others’ power thus it was a careful, methodical start. Before any serious exchanges could take place, a spectator clad in his underwear invaded the ring and appeared to try to speak with referee Richard Steele.

Action was halted to the dismay of the crowd, but the ring intruder was eventually thrown through the ring ropes by riot police.

As the fight resumed, Zamora started fast to gain an early upper hand; connecting with left hooks while utilizing his footwork to effectively take the first round. He continued his aggressive assault in the second and although he won the round, his wild lunges made him increasingly vulnerable as Zarate began to measure him up for counter punching opportunities.

In the 3rd frame, Zarate started to take control of the bout by landing precisely while displaying a good defense; slipping, circling and going underneath Zamora’s punches. Zarate renown for his powerful right hand connected with several lefts to deck Zarate who beat the count , but visibly hurt.

Within 30 seconds of the 4th stanza, Zarate landed a few more lefts to score the second knockdown. A game Zamora rose but the end was impending as Zarate wobbled him badly with his vaunted right hand and follow up with a barrage of power shots to put on him on the canvas for the third time.

Alfonso Zamora Sr threw in the towel and it landed directly on his son’s face, as referee Richard Steele stopped counting to stop the fight. Chaos ensued when Zamora Sr stormed into the ring to attack Arturo Hernández whom he accused of using a form of toxic substance on Zarate’s gloves.

Both men were separated by the police as the frenzied crowd let off fireworks in the stands.

This victory elevated Zarate’s status to a national hero in Mexico.

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