Terry Norris vs Troy Waters – Highlights (Amazing SLUGFEST)


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19th June, 1993. “Terrible” Terry Norris takes on top Super Welterweight contender Troy Waters aka “The Glamor with the Hammer” from Australia in one of the most underrated wars in boxing history. 3 rounds of non stop action and excitement that reflects the legendary 3 round battle between the great Tommy Hearns and Marvin Hagler in April 1985.

Round 2 of this fight is considered to be one of the greatest rounds ever fought in the sport of boxing, along with examples such as Round 1 of Hagler-Hearns, Round 15 of Ali-Shavers, and Round 4 of Foreman-Lyle to name a few.

The Ring named Round 2 of Norris-Waters as Round of the Year 1993.

Going into this fight, Waters was ranked 5th by the WBC with a record of 20(15)-2. He first fought for a world title against Gianfranco Rossi for the IBF strap in 1989, losing via UD. Waters had already won both the Australian Super Welterweight and Commonwealth (British Empire) Super Welterweight titles prior to challenging for his first world title shot.

Terry Norris also challenged for his first world title in 1989, when he faced the destructive puncher Julian “The Hawk” Jackson for the WBA title, losing via TKO2. However, Norris bounces back with 3 consecutive wins and won the NABF title all in the same year to earn his 2nd world title shot against John “The Beast” Mugabi in 1989.

Norris was ranked 5th by the WBC going into his title fight against The Beast.

In a stunning performance, Norris stopped Mugabi in the 1st round in Mugabi’s hometown of Tampa, Florida to capture the WBC crown. He dominated the fight from the start of the round, and flattened the monstrous puncher with a thunderous right hand.

The Ring named his victory as Knockout of the Year 1990.

Since winning his first world title, Norris would enjoy 10 consecutive victories which include 9 successful title defenses of his WBC strap with notable victories over Jorge Fernando Castro, Carl Daniels, Donald Curry, Meldrick Taylor, Rene Jacquot and Sugar Ray Leonard in his fourth comeback from retirement.

After this bout, Waters would get another world title shot in 1994, against Simon Brown in yet another valiant performance where he pushed Brown to his limits losing via a close MD. He would fight 8 more fights, most notably against Felix Trinidad in 1997 where was stopped in the 1st round. He retired in 1998 with a final record of 28(20)-5.

It is notable that Troy Waters had losses only against top Super Welterweights during his career and has never lost a fight in his hometown. And he had put up very game performances in most of his losses. His losses were against In Chul Baek, Gianfranco Rossi, Felix Trinidad, Simon Brown and Terry Norris.

Norris would suffer a a few notable setbacks but enjoy mostly successes for the rest of his career to become 3 time World Champion at Super Welterweight / Light Middleweight until his retirement in 1998 with a final record of 47(31)-9.

Notable wins by Norris include Troy Waters, Simon Brown, John Mugabi, Donald Curry, Meldrick Taylor, Maurice Blocker, Carl Daniels, Sugar Ray Leonard, Vincent Pettway, David Gonzalez, Paul Vaden, Rene Jacquot, Luis Santana and Jorge Fernando Castro.

Enjoy the highlights of one of the most amazing albeit underrated boxing wars!

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