Nicolino Locche vs Paul Takeshi Fuji – Highlights (Locche, DEFENSIVE Genius)


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December 12th, 1968. Argentinian defensive wizard Nicolino Locche (aka “El Intocable”) outclassed hard hitting Paul Takeshi Fuji to win the WBA Light Welterweight Championship in Tokyo, Japan on this day. Fuji was hopelessly outclassed in one of the most dominant and memorable performances in the history of world title fights. Fuji was unable to hurt the elusive Argentinian legend and was outboxed all the way, en route to an RTD10 defeat with both his eyes badly swollen by the time of the stoppage.

Locche’s bobbing and weaving as well as his near perfect execution of the shoulder roll, had the defending champion missing constantly and at one point even slipping from missing a wild punch. Additionally, the defensive master landed jabs, left hooks to the body almost at will in the outside while outworking Fuji at close range with superb infighting skills.

It is regarded as the best performance of El Intocable’s great career.

This is only Locche’s 106th fight and only his 2nd bout outside of Argentina. His 1st fight outside his home country was back in September 1964 in Uruguay, against former Olympian Gualberto Gutierrez.

Locche was renown for his uncanny reflexes as well as his amazing defensive abilities and although light hitting but superbly quick handed with uncanny reflexes and pinpoint accuracy. He fought his first fight at 9 years old, and was a great amateur with a record of 117-5.

After this victory, Locche made 5 successful title defenses notably against Carlos Hernandez, Joao Henrique, Adolph Pruitt & Antonio Cervantes.

Hope you guys enjoy this highlight of one of the most dazzling displays of defensive boxing ever!

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