Gallaghers Gym – The Revival (ft. Paul Smith, Scott Quigg & Anthony Crolla) by GP


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Article written by trainer, Joe Gallagher, in the Manchester Evening News:

‘It took a five star display to reduce me to tears in the ring for only the second time in my career as a trainer.

Before last Saturday, the only other occasion the waterworks started to flow was after Matthew Macklin’s contentious points defeat to then WBA middleweight champion Felix Sturm.

That was almost two years to the day at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. And I cried because I genuinely felt we won that fight.

Macklin launched his latest world title bid on Saturday — losing inside three rounds to Gennady Golovkin in Connecticut — but on this occasion we were separated by the Atlantic.

I was in Bolton for the greatest night of my boxing career. And on this occasion the wave of emotion that overcame me was pure joy.

I don’t know whether the Sky cameras caught it, but the tears started to flow as the realisation dawned on me as to just what Anthony Crolla had achieved.

What our entire gym, as a team, had achieved.

I said beforehand Crolla was capable of pulling off the upset of the year against Gavin Rees and he did just that.

But Saturday night was about so much more than one fighter and one fight.

Crolla’s glorious win against a former world champion was the perfect climax to a weekend in which I had five fighters in action over two nights.

On Friday night in Liverpool it was Stephen and Liam Smith, who kicked the weekend off perfectly with impressive wins.

But the biggest test was always going to be Saturday.

There was the anticipation over Scott Quigg’s comeback fight after a seven-month absence.

He was punch perfect as he took apart the previously unstopped William Prado inside three rounds.

If I’m honest, that almost brought me to tears, but there was no time for that as I had to get ready for Paul Smith’s British super-middleweight clash with Tony Dodson and Crolla’s clash.

I can’t say I thought we’d get all five victories.

Paul’s was a 50-50 fight — and as for Crolla, he was taking on the number six lightweight in the world, who had only lost in world title fights.

When I watched Paul’s fight on TV later on, I thought I had it on fast forward, he was moving so quickly!

He spoke very highly of me afterwards, but that just goes to show what a tight-knit group we are.

Then came Crolla, who was a huge underdog against former WBA light-welterweight champion Rees.

The Welshman had recently lost to American superstar Adrien Broner, but said this was his best training camp.

We fought the best Gavin Rees and we beat him.

It was close. At the end of the 10th I said we needed the last two rounds and he went out and did it.

It is the least he deserves for the work he has put in to get himself to this stage.

For me as a trainer — these are the moments you’ve got to cherish and I will.

We set ourselves a huge challenge and came through. The future is bright for our gym.

The question now is who is going to be my first world champion?

The race is on.’

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