Incompetence in UK Amateur Boxing Bout


Recently I’ve started taking an interest in amateur boxing; visiting small local shows where I can. There’s something magical about seeing youthuful energy in these circuits up close and personal.

Which is why it saddens me knowing that, quite possibly, it will be axed as an Olympic sport. And one of main reasons for this, is the sheer incompetence (or corruption) that reigns freely in the amateur scene.

I’m beginning to witness far too many questionable decisions that these young fighters have to endure. This fight (March 2019) is one that I happen to be able to document. Unfortunately it can’t do justice to what actually happened (just one distant camera angle). Nor does it give context to what was happening behind the scenes. But it tries to give a glimpse of what one of the fighters was up against. One or two of the things you can let slide, but there were too many taking place in one bout to ignore.

Like I said, it doesn’t do much justice to what was witnessed up close. But it’s something.



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