One Punch Power of Mike Tyson Highlights


One Punch Power of Mike Tyson Highlights. The beast @Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson had crazy knockout power. Iron Mike Tyson is known for his stunning and amazing knockout power. Fresh off his Eminem interview, we take a look at the old Tyson highlights. Tyson had the ability to end a boxing match at any point with his flashing punching power. Watch Mike Tyson take on Michael Johnson as he tries to remain undefeated and move to 8-0 with 9 knockouts. Tyson trained with Cus D’amato who taught Tyson his peak-a-boo style which was innovated for the sport of boxing.

The down fall of iron mike was the fight Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas in which Douglas pulled the biggest upset in boxing history. Mike Tyson knockouts were expected but when Douglas knocked out Tyson it turned the world upside down. Fast forward to present day where Mike is more of a personality. Joe Rogan had Mike Tyson on his podcast and it wasn’t long after that the Mike Tyson Podcast came to be. Many now ask, why does mike tyson talk like that?

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