Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua 2 Highlights Recap


Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua 2 highlights recap for the heavyweight championship of the world. Ruiz enters the fight as the champion trying to prove that his win over Anthony Joshua was not a fluke. Ruiz entered the fight at a staggering 283 pounds while Joshua came in much slimmer for this matchup then in their first matchup. Ruiz vs Joshua 2 took place in the unusual location of Saudi Arabia, billed the clash of the dunes.

Round 1 we see a very cautious Anthony Joshua as Ruiz is trying to walk down Anthony Joshua. Joshua is doing a great job of keeping Ruiz at a distance. Joshua landed a big straight in the middle of the round and I gave it to Joshua.

Round 2
Andy Ruiz is able to land two power jabs that snap the head back of Joshua. Joshua is able to land a right hand that opens up the cut on the eye of ruiz. The cut is an issue. Joshua lands the bigger shots in round 2 and I have Joshua up 2 rounds.

Round 3
Anthony Joshua is able to fight at a safe range as Ruiz is doing his best to try and get inside. Joshua has out landed ruiz to this point 19-8. Joshua is going to have to fight this style for the remainder of the fight because Ruiz’s big shots are dangerous and effective. Joshua is doing just enough to win these early rounds. 3-0 Joshua.

round 9 went to ruiz with his combinations

Round 10 goes to joshua as he gets back on track with the jab keeping ruiz at a distance.

Round 11



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